Hello! I am Loïc Bachelot

A data scientist passionate about earth science applications!

Masters in artificial intelligence and big data from the University of Cergy-Paris. I started my carrer at Air-France as a data scientist in the revenue management department. Then I worked for IFREMER, the french research institute for the ocean. I was part of the physical oceanography team where I had the chance to work on some european cloud projects as well as assist researchers on projects involving deep learning.
To learn more about me, check out my resume!

My resume

Some of my projects!


This project was part of my job at IFREMER and resulted in the publication of a paper: Four-dimensional temperature, salinity and mixed-layer depth in the Gulf Stream, reconstructed from remote-sensing and in situ observations with neural networks.

Puzzle solving

Adversarial learning model applied to puzzle solving. This project was my research project for the last year of my Masters. It is part of a bigger project including a MCTS method (Johan's work) to solve puzzle.

Meteorite dashboard

I developed this interactive dashboard as a personal project to learn and improve in data visualization. I used meteorite data because we all would love to find one! Go play with the dashboard!


Exploring ice, ocean, and/or atmosphere interactions at persistent polynyas. This project was part of the ICESat-2 Hackweek 2022, working with the ICESat-2 data. I was part of the Polynyas team, studying these persistent water holes in the ice in Antartica.

Tympanogram tool

I developed this tympanogram creator tool in collaboration with Dr. David Brown, and Dr. Cassidy Bachelot from Pacific University School of Audiology. This tool is useful for students to learn the different values measured during a tympanogram exam. Go try it here!

Acoustic Sound Scattering Layers

Acoustic data contains information about organisms in the scattering layers. The project aims to build tools for classifying and interpreting this data. It was part of the 2021 Ocean Hackweek. I later continued working on this project with Muriel Dunn as part of her PhD. (paper coming soon)

Some of my other projects can be found directly on my github!

It includes school work like a cool robotic project of object tracking on Arduino, some Kaggle competition notebooks, spaciotemporal kriging in R, event detection and rating from tweets and more!